Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Simplifying Christmas

I've been putting a lot of thought into simplifying Christmas for my kids this year. I want to make it more about Jesus, and less about getting stuff. I've thought about doing more homemade things, doing something for advent, and giving less presents in general.

So I'm looking for some good ideas on making Christmas simpler this year. If you have any good ones, please leave me a comment! Or even a link to a good site about it would work. :)


  1. crapinoli!
    I will try to post the links on my blog.

  2. Bren, I just heard this idea the other day: Give each child 3 gifts (because that is what Jesus got for his BIRTHday). One can be store bought, one homemade and one an ornament representing that year in the child's life. Then every year when decorating the tree put the ornaments up together in chronological order. Of course, you don't have to do all THAT but the 3 gift thing is a good idea to keep it simple.
    BTW, betcha didn't know I read your blog :)

  3. I read your blogs in awe and amazement Bren. I really do.

  4. last year, aaron and i each wrote down some goals for the coming year. we wrote down things that we would try to work on to improve ourselves in some way and then we put them in a wrapped gift under the tree. it was our gift to the Savior. this year at Christmas, we will open that gift and read our goal and see how we did. then we will write another gift to the Savior.
    just an idea...

  5. Here's a fun idea. Take the scriptures, wrap them up and stick them under the tree. Then Christmas morning, unwrap those and read the Christmas story. Then sit back and have hot chocolate and discuss your favorite parts. :)