Friday, January 30, 2009

Nothing Exciting

I haven't posted for awhile, and I also haven't received any inquiries wondering if I'm okay. But I know that's probably because I regularly talk to all my readers, and they know I'm okay (hi, you two!).

Anyway, there's really nothing exciting going on in my life. Just the regular stuff--taking care of kids, reading, cleaning the house. Okay, I won't lie. Not a whole lot of cleaning house going on. I have finished a book a day for the past few days, though, but they were fairly short books.

I've been doing a lot of exercising on my stationary bike, and I'm looking into buying a bike, so there is that--it's exciting for me. I'm going to start a different blog to talk about all my exercising adventures, though, because they will be very adventuresome and exercisey, and that deserves it's own special blog.

P.S. You can check it out here, because I just did a really fascinating post about bikes. Plus, they're cute.

Friday, January 9, 2009


We had Christmas. It came just like it does every year, and we celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, who we owe all to. That was my favorite part, and I really enjoyed some good church services and concerts.

And now I'm ready for summer to be here. Enough with the snow and cold. You've had your fun.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Family Christmas Party

We had our Howell family Christmas party today. I was in charge of the game, and we played Family Feud. Brandon complained a little bit about playing. And then Mindy and Brandon decided to leave early, and before they left, Mindy sat on me. It was a fun time anyway.

I have some Christmas pictures and other pictures, and one of these days I'll put them on my blog. First we're going to move our computer desk into the basement, and some bookshelves into my bedroom.