Monday, May 21, 2007

Kids and cousins

Mindy bought her kids some new scooters while they were visiting, since they loved Kaitlyn's so much.

I am mean, and made the kids sleep downstairs where it was cold. They're watching a movie in this picture.

Kaitlyn and Tyler on their scooters.

I bought Kaitlyn some new rollerblades, and by the look on her face, she couldn't be more excited. This is money well spent, my friends.

Cooper's Birthday

Cooper had a little birthday party while Mindy and her kids were here visiting.
Here's his cake.

Some of the kids.

Blowing out candles.

Mindy's visit

This is right after we gave (or attempted to give) the boys a mohawk. Cooper's hair was so short, that it worked out pretty good, even though it's not too noticeable. I thought I'd try to leave Kevin's mohawk long, but it just didn't want to stick up. I woulda needed some stronger stuff.

Here are the girls. Obviously.

Ethan loves Grandpa

Look how happy Ethan is to be on Grandpa's lap. It's so nice to be back in Utah and closer to our families so that my kids can actually know their grandparents, and not have them be strangers when they come to visit. (Or when we visit)

More girls night out pics

Dallas coming down the stairs. She never seems to take a bad picture. No matter how hard I try.

Mom fixing her shirt. Or something.

Emily is having all kinds of fun.

I caught Mindy by surprise.

Felicia has teeth.

Girls Night Out

All of us before we left.

In the van. I'm sorry Mindy, but I had to add this picture. It's just so crazy!

But here's a better one, just to show you can take a good picture. ;)


Some pictures of the kids at an Easter egg hunt.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sleeping on Grandma

Why is it that grandma's always have this special touch? Both of Troy's and my moms are able to put Ethan to sleep fairly easily. I told them both they are on call for the middle of the night, if I need them.

My boys

I've got a bunch of pictures to put on here today, since I've been slacking for awhile. Here are my boys.