Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Pet

I'm really not a pet person. Anything that doesn't poop in a toilet, I've generally tried to stay away from. But for something to do, I took the kids to Petco yesterday. We looked at the lizards, and I fell in love. They're just so darn cute. They also seemed cheap. $7.99 for a lizard didn't seem too bad at all. It's only after we've paid over $100 for the housing, food (crickets), housing for the food (we didn't even buy the food for the food), that I realized a lizard is not a cheap pet at all.

These pictures are kind of backwards (because I'm adding a couple later, so they're on top). We bought a bahama anole lizard, and we named him Loki. Here is the finished product:
And a close up:
Here he is pretty close after we first put him in. He was nearly black. Here's another picture of him hiding inside the log that I ended up returning, because logs make sap, and sap isn't good. He's still pretty dark. (If you click on the pictures, you can see him better)

Here's a picture of him later, in between when I was changing the scenery in his home. He's quite a bit lighter here, and it's not the lighting either. He changes color depending on his mood.


I'm finally getting my Easter post up. I'm a bit behind. We had a busy weekend, with a lot of fun times and a couple of wonderful church services. On Saturday morning we went out to breakfast with Troy's family. We do this every year, and it's a nice tradition. This year we went to Jim's Family Restaurant, and I don't think we'll go there again. The food was not great.

Kevin and Drake found an empty table where they could play with Kevin's new Transformers. They get along really well, but then Kevin gets along with everyone.Here are all the kids waiting to go outside for their egg hunt. We decided to go to Grandma and Grandpa Price's house to do it instead of a city one at a park. It worked out so much better, and the kids enjoyed it more, too.

Hunting for eggs.

Troy told Kaitlyn she could only get the high up eggs, which made it so she didn't get very many eggs, but she was still a good sport.

Here's Ethan showing off an egg. Look how green the grass is! Ours is still nice and straw colored.

Here's most everyone that was there, except for a couple of people who were taking pictures. It was a nice day, and later on Saturday we went back for a yummy BBQ.

And at the end of the day, the kids couldn't pass up a motorcycle ride on Uncle Steven's bike (here's Kevin riding with Uncle Jared). He did wear a helmet, just not for the picture.