Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Here's Ethan in his alligator costume. He was okay for most of the night, but didn't really like posing for a picture, I guess. You can't really see the costume, but it had a cute little alligator head, and it was nice and warm, so that was good enough for me. He even went out trick or treating, in his stroller of course, but not as long as the other kids. It was really cold, and even though he loves the stroller, I felt his little hands and they were freezing.
Kevin wore this M&M costume, and he loved it. Almost every house we stopped at, someone said how cute he looked. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of Kaitlyn in her Halloween costume. If you must know, I took this one of Kevin last Monday, not on Halloween at all.

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  1. Shoooooooot! If I had known that Kevin was a Red M&M, I could have sent you my Yellow M&M costume! LOL! (Honest, I really DO have one!)

    Love ya!

    E : )