Thursday, November 15, 2007

Goings on around our house

Kevin's hair was growing so long that it was getting in his eyes, so I decided to take him to Great Clips for a hair cut. She spiked it up in the front with gel, and when we got home he kept feeling it and saying, "it's sticking up". He looks extra cute with his new haircut!
Troy and I got a new bed, after having the same (crappy) one for 8 years of marriage. We were starting to be able to feel bumps in the bed (I'm assuming the springs), so we decided it was time for a new one. We got a really soft, comfortable one, and we love it. It's so nice.
Here's Kevin standing next to our bed. You can see it's very plush, because it's quite high up. I have to give a little jump to get into bed. I actually prefer lower beds, but I won't complain, cause it's very nice to have a soft bed for a change!

While we were at it, we bought Kaitlyn a new mattress. She really needed one, as hers was probably more uncomfortable than ours. I decided I didn't really like the looks of the bunk beds either, so I separated them (with Troy's help). I think it looks much nicer in there, and somehow less cluttered. We went to Penny's (Troy's mom) house and borrowed the Transformer quilt that she had made (out of sheets!). The kids like having their "new" beds.

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  1. I love the haircut! And I agree, the room looks much better with the beds separated.