Sunday, June 29, 2008


So, here I sit with a too full belly. I've been craving chocolate chip cookies for days. And not just any chocolate chip cookies; homemade, fresh from the oven cookies. The best thing to do would have been to go buy some chocolate chips when I first got the craving, and then made some. Or maybe better than that would have been to eat some carrot sticks since I'm trying to lose weight (but who am I kidding, really).

So today I decided I couldn't wait any longer for cookies. I asked Troy around 7:00 to go get me some cookie dough. Troy is my servant, you know, so I was kind of surprised when he didn't hop right up and run to the store. In fact, he didn't get home with my cookie dough until 9:30.

At this point, the normal person might just wait until tomorrow to bake cookies. And at first I thought I'd be a normal person. Except then I remembered I'm not normal at all. And also, I wanted some cookies, darn it! So I made a dozen cookies. And then I ate one, err . . . a couple. Five. Okay, I ate five!!! And now I feel a little bit sick. I'm not sure if maybe I should start working on being normal after all.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wonderful Saturday

We spent the day with John and Susan today, and had so much fun. It's just sad that they couldn't be here for longer. We had to pack all the visiting and sight-seeing into one day, and I'm sure by the end they had had enough of noisy kids. :D

We drove up to Park City, and walked along Historic Main Street for a little bit. This is the first picture we've had taken of our whole family together for a long time. It might even be the only non-professional picture we have. We went to a show at the Olympic Park, and Ethan wasn't really enjoying it. It was really hot out there, so that could have been a contributing factor. This was the only thing that kept him happy . . . sipping soda through a straw.
Here's me and Susan. I really wish it wasn't taken at such an unflattering angle. I'm pretty sure I don't have a double chin, and if I do, I'd really rather pretend I don't. On a completely unrelated note, I get my braces off in a couple of weeks. Wooooo!
We went into the museum, and the kids got to sit in a bobsled.
Here's a big giant head of a somethingorother. Ethan was asleep by this time, just in case anyone has the idea that we thought a picture of Ethan's behind might be our best option.
Here's a video of the Flying Ace show that we saw. We didn't even know they had it, and just stumbled on it when we were looking for things to do in Park City. John and Susan had said they wanted to go see where the Olympics were. It was a fun thing to do, if a bit expensive.

Pictures at the park

Christy and Sunny came over the other day, and after eating pizza, we went over to the park to play. It was a nice day, but because there was t-ball going on, it was way too crowded.

Here's Christy with Ethan. Ethan is kind of a snobby baby, and will only go to a few people, and Christy is one of them.
With everything that Ethan could have been doing, he was really interested in pushing the stroller. That's all he did for awhile.

I know you can't see faces very well in this picture, but I kind of liked the sky and the clouds. This is Sunny and Kaitlyn.

Once Ethan realized there were other things to do besides play with the stroller, he fell in love with the slide. He would run all the way around the equipment (even though there was a shorter way), climb up, and then go down the slide.
Here's Kevin splashing around. It was really bright outside! I keep putting sunscreen on Kevin, but he keeps getting sunburned, every time, but just on his back. And he complains of it itching more than hurting, even though it gets really red. I just don't know what to do anymore, except have him wear a shirt every time he's outside, which he really doesn't want to do. But the other option is having him get up multiple times during the night because his back is bothering him.
This is the pond that is by the park, but it's not really a pond, as you can see. It's more of a swampy, muddy area. The kids decided they wanted to go explore around it (it was Christy's idea--I probably would have never let them). It turns out it's only about 6 inches deep in the deepest spot, even though it looks a lot deeper from the road.

Friday, June 27, 2008


We have some friends (John and Susan) coming to visit us from Ridgecrest. They'll be getting here later this evening. I'm so excited! We've really missed them. Troy and John worked together on the base, and had both started about the same time, so we knew them pretty much from the time we moved to Ridgecrest. Some memories we have together are going target shooting, and watching Survivor on Thursday nights. It will be so nice spending a couple of days with them!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Proof that my boy can fall asleep anywhere.
And there are times I wish he'd have fallen asleep instead of what he did.

Not asleep yet, but give him a few minutes, and he would be.

I love this picture. It's just a perfect summer picture.

The kids have some weird sliding positions, but they have so much fun!

Looks like we needed to buy the one Troy saw an ad for that had three lanes instead of just two.

One more cute picture outside.

All bundled up

Cutest smile ever

Monday, June 23, 2008

Outside Fun

The kids and I have enjoyed playing outside a lot the last few days. They like to play in the water, and I have a feeling our next water bill is going to be significantly higher. Oh well. You can't put a price on fun.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I said good day!

Yesterday was a nice day. I had Bible study in the morning, which was awesome, as always. And then late afternoon I took the kids over to the park and they played on the splash pad. It was nice, and not very crowded. I just wish I would have thought to bring the camera with me, cause I would have some really cute pictures right about now. Maybe next time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DJ's Birthday Party at Jungle Jim's

We went to Jungle Jim's for a birthday party for DJ (one of Trudy's boys). There will be a lot of pictures. You might want to get yourself something to eat, and maybe a pillow, so you can take a nap if you get tired. The pictures are also in reverse order, mostly, because I wasn't smart enough to upload the last pictures first, and then too lazy to delete and re-upload.
Here's Ethan on the swings. You can see here he's having a grand time.
Which then progressed to him getting rather sleepy. It was nearing his regular naptime.
And then you have the final ride of the day. Game over. He's done.
Kevin and Kierra on a jeep thing.
Kevin and DJ
Ethan and Jessica. I love Jessica's expression in this picture.
Kevin on the swings

Kaitlyn and Jessica on an airplane ride
Ethan and Kevin on that same airplane ride

Kevin on crappy bumper cars that didn't work well


Ethan alone on the airplane ride. It took him awhile to figure out how to raise and lower the airplane. He kept moving it up and down really fast, so he'd only go up about an inch at a time.

Kevin's preschool graduation

Kevin had his preschool graduation last Friday. I could not get a good picture of the kids all together to save my life. If someone had a gun to my head, and said "get a good picture, or I will shoot you", I would be dead right now. I really need a new camera. Anyway, Kevin is on the bottom row in the middle. Here he is getting his diploma.
And with his diploma . . .
With Teacher Pam

Some random pictures

Troy's mom gave the kids these thingies. They started off pretty small, and when put in water, they grow. The kids left them in the water for days; so long that the arm of Kevin's frog started falling off. Then I threw them away because they were slimy and gross, and what else are you going to do with them? Here's Troy and the kids at Cabela's.
Kaitlyn had an overnight retreat for Club 56, and did not sleep AT ALL that night. I took this picture in case she ever forgets how tired she was the next day. She was fine in the morning, but after that she could not stay awake. Maybe someday she'll learn the value of sleep. Oh well, at least she had fun.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I have a ton of pictures to post, and stooooopid blogger won't upload my pictures. Who do I have to beat to make this work?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I really like it!

I had Bible study this morning, and I am really, really loving this study. If I ever have a chance to do another Beth Moore Bible study after this, I'm going to do it. I have loved the parallels she's made so far about the pilgrimage in the Psalms of Ascent, and our pilgrimage (with the final destination being Heaven).

It seems like there are so many things that I'm running across in the daily studies that are exactly what I need to hear. The video portion today was about songs (the Psalms are songs). One of my favorite things she talked about was that there are times when you need to put on a CD of praise music, and just sing your heart out to God.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another Blog

Previously I had a blog for reviews of movies I had watched, and then I decided I didn't want more than one blog, so I thought I'd do reviews of movies here. But it turns out I haven't been doing that, and I want to have a place to keep track of movies I've seen, so I changed my mind, and made another movie blog. It's here, if you're interested. :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Bible Study

I started a new Bible study today. It's called Stepping Up: A Journey through the Psalms of Ascent by Beth Moore. For the study, we watch a video of Beth Moore speaking, and then have a discussion period. We did the introduction today, and I could not be more excited to do this study. Beth Moore is a wonderful speaker--she definitely has a gift! Also, the book itself is beautiful (this isn't necessarily important, just a nice bonus).

Sunday, June 1, 2008


How did it get to be June already?! The summer is here, and I don't really know what happened to spring. I think it skipped over us this year. For lunch today we went to meet with a PBS (paperbackswap) friend. They're doing a thing called Flat Robert, where the first person made a paperdoll type thing, and it'll get passed around to members all over the country, and they take pictures while they have it, so everyone can see what it's like where they live. So anyway, she had Flat Robert, and she was handing him off to me.

On the way there, we stopped at a car wash, because the van was horribly dirty. Here's how Ethan was sitting in the car during the car wash. Look at his little hands! He always holds them like that, and I think it's so precious!
Here we are at Mimi's Cafe with Carol Ann. She also brought along her daughter, Courtney. It was nice to meet them. And the food was good, too. I ordered a small salad, and they messed up and brought me the big one. It was enough to feed a whole family. I don't think I even ate half of it. And it came with a huge, yummy muffin, too.
So now I'm trying to think of some fun places to take Flat Robert to get pictures that show the beauty of Utah. And I've gotta do it this week, so I can send him on. Any ideas?