Sunday, June 20, 2010

I've been too nice

Felicia and I took our kids to the Classic Fun Center in Layton. I feel like I've been too nice to my kids lately. They've been doing too many fun things, and I don't want them to get unrealistic expectations about me being a fun mom. ;)

But look how happy it made them:

I'm not sure if happy is the right word here. Scared, maybe?

It looks like Kevin is just laying there, but he's actually sliding down the slide.
I read the rules later, and you were only supposed to go down the slide one at a time, but it's much more fun as a group!

On one slide, Ethan kept going down, and then faceplanting it at the end. I did catch it on video, but it's sideways, so just rest your head on your shoulder and enjoy.


We went with Geoff and Felicia and their boys to Nickelcade. The kids had a lot of fun. So much fun that Kevin couldn't take a break to go to the bathroom.

Memorial Day Camping Trip

This post might be a little picture heavy. But it's only cause I think my family is so darn cute.

On the way back from a hike:
At the top of our hike, we came to this really cool boulder field. I liked this one of Ethan.How can you pass up a butt crack picture? You can't.
Here's another picture at the boulder field. I like that I'm not in any of the pictures. Seriously--I'm not happy with myself in pictures lately.

We found this skull on our hike.

It wasn't as pretty as other places we've been, because everything seemed to be dead or dying.

The kids got to fish, but we didn't catch anything, which is more than okay with me.

We got to feed the ducks, too, and boy did they like to be fed.

I didn't get any pictures on Sunday night or Monday. I was all pictured out, so I let other people take pictures.

Dance performance at school

At Kevin's school they had each grade do a dance performance. Kevin's class did a country type dance. Here's my little cutie:

And I tried so hard to get a picture of him dancing, but between the lady with the white stretch pants and no underwear in front of me, and the kids dancing in front of him, I couldn't quite get it. This is the best I could do. It's kind of like a Where's Waldo picture. You have to look real hard for him.

Kevin's Birthday

I'm way behind on blog posts, so I'm going to try to catch up on a few today. Here are a few pictures from Kevin's birthday (last March).

Here's a picture of his pinata. This is the only picture I got, since it came apart after one hit, and I didn't get out there in time. Stupid pinata.

But all was not lost. We are resourceful around here, and we made it into a mask.

Then we all had some fun with the other masks.

There must be something really cool about this present, with all the kids crowding around like that. It looks like a pad of paper and pencil to me, but I guess that's pretty cool.

I wish I was talented enough to make a cool Star Wars cake, but since I'm not, we did the good old standby: cupcakes.