Saturday, January 19, 2008

Most excellent shopping trip

Today we went out for lunch at Astro Burger, and proceeded to eat probably about 3 hundred--- no thousand, okay, million calories each. So we decided we'd go somewhere to walk it off, and where better than the mall? We went to JC Penney, since they were advertising a clearance sale, and boy was it a good sale! We bought a bunch of clothes for Troy and the kids for less than $40. The cashier told us we had saved $179. Niiiiiiiiice. So as we were walking out we saw some newborn baby coats on clearance, and since I have a sweet, new little nephew, we had to buy that too. So we had to make another trip to the cash register for that one. After that I told Troy not to look at anything else! Eyes facing front until we get out of the store. But what do you know? Troy found an excellent deal on a coat for Kevin while we were on our way out. It was around $7 for a $70 or so coat. And then while we were doing that I figured I better get a coat for Ethan for next year. You know, while we were there. So after 3 trips to the register, we hurried out of the store, so as to avoid further tempation. Who knew JC Penney had such awesome sales? I did not.