Friday, January 25, 2008


I finally went in to get my Utah drivers license. Boy, what a good time that was. After sitting for 2 hours on their uncomfortable chairs, waiting for my number to get called, I finally got to go up. Then the lady sat there chatting with the guy next to her, instead of processing my application. No wonder they're so slow! When she said to do the eye test thing, I had to look in a little machine (instead of the one on the wall that I've always done). The letters on the right were really blurry. What in the heck? I've always had better than 20/20 vision. I guessed at the letters, and was right, so I at least passed the eye test. I'm wondering what's going on, though. It seems like lately every once in awhile my eyes will hurt and things will be a bit blurry. I haven't felt very well, so that could be the cause (I hope). I really, really don't want to have to get glasses ever, because I look like a bug when I wear them.

And then, as if the 2 hour wait wasn't enough, she told me I had to take a written exam. Troy didn't have to take one when he got his license, so I'm convinced this lady just thought I looked like a good torture victim. I got 100%, because I'm really smart like that, and also it was open book. Finally, after all that, she took my picture for my license. Who is going to look good after almost 3 hours at the DMV, I ask you? Certainly not me, but that's what driver's license pictures are for, right? To show us just how horrible we can look.


  1. hahahah I love it! So funny! Not that you had to sit there for 3 hours, but your picture after 3 hours. I was thinking I should hurry and get my Utah license, but you've been here a lot longer than me, so I guess I'm okay.

  2. hmmm...
    i have to go to the DMV on monday. i don't need a license, but i need to get copies of some titles...
    i hope it doesn't take that long.

  3. I hate waiting so long at the DMV, especially when there are things I'd much rather be doing. Oh well... have to have a license to drive.

  4. I look stoned in my picture. And I have a big fat face (even bigger than it really is (I hope)).

  5. Fortunately I haven't had to go for a while but I am not looking forward to it at all.