Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Ever Elusive Six Pack

I started working out with my good friend Shaun T. today. I figured I better get in shape if I'm really going to be a supermodel. You know, when Tyra calls for me to be on the top model show, I don't want to be one of the plus size models. Speaking of, those plus size models are probably about a size 8, which . . . come on! That's not plus size!!!

So anyway, not quite a year ago I bought the Hip Hop Abs DVD's, and I did them every single day for a month or so. I don't think I lost any weight, or any inches, and so I got discouraged and quit. But what I'm realizing now is that even without losing anything, my body was still in pretty good shape. My belly wasn't anywhere near as flabby as it is right now. Which means I don't know if I can blame the belly flab on Ethan anymore. Which also means that I need to think of someone new to blame it on.

I'm going to weigh and measure myself today, and then try again for a month. I'm hoping this time I'll lose something, since I'm starting off a few pounds heavier. I have a good excuse for that, though. For a couple months, my brain thought I was a bear. And bears hibernate. So it was sending me messages that I needed to eat. A lot. So I did, because you gotta listen to your brain. Now if the kids would just let me sleep it off for a couple of months, everything would work out smashingly.


  1. Hey, supermodel girl! You and Shaun T. have fun, okay? I need to get back to running! I weigh the same now as I did when I was running, but it's a lot more squishy. It's driving me nuts. When I get back from vacation I'll join you in your quest for firmness, okay? Love you!

  2. Glad to see I am not the only person here who expects IMMEDIATE results! I keep telling myself I am going to get off my bum and start doing MY Hip Hop Abs DVD, but I have yet to do it. I am the type that if I don't see a result in a week I feel bad! You go girl...maybe you can keep us updated and we can all get into it? Far and wide? How would we work that? Hmmm...

  3. I meant we are all spread out over the good ole US of A...not that we are all huge! (open mouth insert foot!)

  4. Brenda you looked really really good when you were doing your hip hop abs I told you that when we were playing softball. But you are still hot now!