Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mindy

I meant to do this yesterday, but didn't get to it. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my sister, Mindy. She's one of my favoritest people, and she is also beautiful and kind.

A Very Special Sister
For many years we've shared our lives
One roof we once lived under
Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we cried
Through winter storms and thunder
The younger years have faded fast
We've gone our separate ways
But through all time our friendship lasts
Our bond in life remains
As summer brings the happy times
The autumn winds will whisper
A closer friend I'd never find
Than the one I call my Sister.


  1. Thats really sweet Brenda. Happy Birthday Mindy!

  2. oh, happy birthday mindy.
    sorry i didn't know. that is no excuse with the newsletter coming each month.

  3. Hi, happy birthday to you sister. I always wanted a sister but had three older brothers. They're nice enough, but oh how I wanted a sister. I'm glad you two are close.

  4. Awww garsh! Thanks, Bren! I loved the poem, and I love you, too!