Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reality show finales

I watched the finale for The Biggest Loser last night, and commercials every 5 minutes aside, I really enjoyed it. All of the contestants looked great, and I was happy to see the black team continue to dominate. Jillian is a great trainer, and I sure would love a trainer like that to kick my butt and get me into shape.

The Survivor finale was last Sunday, and although I really didn't care a lot about any of the contestants this season, it was definitely interesting. I always love to watch the final tribal council, and see the strategies that people use to try to win. I always like it best when they own up to their game and say, "yes, I did lie to you and vote you out, but look where it got me", instead of "I'm so sorry, I had no choice". If you're going to apologize, and act like you had no control over your actions, people probably aren't going to vote for you to win, because they will think you didn't really play a good game. Hence, Amanda only getting one vote.

The other thing I've always found funny is people going on and on about someone's integrity in a game. In real life, I would never condone lying and scheming, but this isn't real life, it's a game. If someone bluffed in poker, and eventually won all the money, you wouldn't go on and on about how they lied, and how horrible that was. I see Survivor very much like a poker game. Is it possible to win in both being honorable and honest the whole game through? Probably, but not very likely. Both games reward bluffing your way through, because let's face it, you're never going to have a hand of aces in either game all the time.

Also very interesting is the very person who went on and on about integrity (to Todd, at the final tribal council) is the one who flat out lied after the game (at the reunion show), when nothing was on the line. Read the story here.


  1. Remember how we used to talk about the reality shows all the time? That was fun. I can't believe that story you posted! She should totally give the 50,000 back!

  2. I agree here Bren...The Biggest Loser was good for me. I Tivo'd it so got to fast forward through all those commercials you were talking about. :P Survivor let me down this season. I didn't really have my sights set on anyone and the final three didn't ring any bells for me. I didn't even watch the reunion to see Denise's story. However, I did read the article you posted. That seems really far out and she should definitely give the money back. I understand if you are dumb founded when it is sprung on you as a surprise, but she knew it was illgotten gain and should have promptly given it back!