Friday, December 21, 2007


I finished A Voice in the Wind earlier today. I'm having a hard time wanting to write a review, because I feel kind of depressed that I'm done reading it. It was just that good. It's the first book in a series, and there are two more, so if I could just get my hands on them, that would really help.

The book actually started off a bit slow, and I was thinking why did Jini (my pastor's wife, who recommended it to me) think this was so good? And honestly, I think it was probably almost 200 pages in before I really got into it and started loving it. It takes place in the early years just after Christ's death, and is the story of a young Jewish (by nationality) Christian girl, who is taken captive and becomes a slave to a Roman family.

I've never been good at reviewing books, and making them sound really good, or even making my review sound all that interesting in the first place. I will say that this book was so good that there were times when I had to stop reading because my heart just felt so full. It was kind of an indescribable feeling, but definitely a good feeling. I cried many times throughout the book, and even though I admit to being an easy crier, that still doesn't mean it wasn't good or cry worthy!

I just really need to get my hands on the next two books right now!

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