Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How neat!

I did a short review of Camy Tang's book (it's a couple posts down), and she actually stopped by my blog to comment and tell me about her next book. I love it when authors do things like that! It just shows that they care about their readers beyond just writing for the money. I had already planned to read any of her future books, because I enjoyed Sushi for One so much, but her kindness just gives me more incentive.


  1. p.s. that is neat that she commented! I'm sure her book is above and beyond other light Christian reading. :)

  2. No offense, Melinda! I deliberately wrote Sushi for One as a light beach read, not a serious, deep, or tear-jerking novel. I tend to read lots of fun, non-serious fiction, so naturally I wrote a fun, non-serious fiction novel.

    I hope you like the next book, Brenda! Only Uni is out in February 2008. Oh, actually, I just uploaded an excerpt from chapter one onto my website:
    The Sushi Series