Friday, December 28, 2007


Okay, I'm finally updating my blog. No more complaining from certain people. Here's Kevin with one of his stocking stuffers. He collects these knights. We first found them in Brussels, when Troy and I were there, and I thought they were so cool. And then we actually found them at Target here, so we can continue his collection.

Here's Troy with his new earmuff thingies. They're for when he goes shooting, to cancel outside sound, but so that you can still hear someone talk to you. He's wearing his grumpy face to go along with them.

Ethan was not having a great time opening gifts. He was throwing stuff on the floor, all ornery pants about everything. Here's one of the rare moments where he wasn't ornery.

Here's Kaitlyn and one of her gifts. She also got some underwear in her stocking, and Troy really liked to make fun of her, so he made sure he got it in every picture. Because, you know, underwear is so silly!

Here's Grandma Price's house, where we went for breakfast and lunch on Christmas. Steven was playing with the boys, and then he thought he could stop playing and sit down. Ha ha, not so, my friend. You don't understand little boys.

We went to Grandma Howell's house afterward for dinner. Here's Ethan and Allston on Grandma's lap. We had a really nice day, and it's nice living closer so we can see everyone on Christmas, but still get to go home to our own beds at the end of the day.

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  1. I have no idea what "certain people" you are talking about, but I for one enjoy updated blogs.

    I thought that was Troy's regular face... hmmm... now I'll know it's the grumpy one.

    I'd be ornery pants if I had to spend Christmas morning in a high chair too!

    Underwear is funny. But cute.

    What on earth did Ethan say to make Allston look at him like that? ;)

    Your kidrens are darling. I wish I could see you guys soon! Oh wait! I AM!!!!