Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It does come out

Last night I had to test my resolve to treat others as I would treat Jesus. So I had to ask myself, how would I treat Jesus if he wrote all over my couch with a pen? That's what Kevin did last night. I might have yelled a little bit, but I had to so I could be heard over all the scrubbing. I'd like to think I handled it okay, though, and stuck with my goal. The pen did all come out in the end, and I hope he knows never to do it again, so it all ended well.


  1. hhehhehehheheeee you had to yell to hear over the scrubbing... heeheheheheee. Oh, sorry, I'm not really laughing at you. I really feel really really bad for you. I'm glad it came out, and good job being nice. :)

  2. Oh man the things I have to look forward to. I know I wouldn't have handeled it as well as you did. If allston would have done that he still would have been locked in his room today, I think I might need to start working on building my patience before I really need it.