Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some late Easter pictures

I didn't get very many Easter pictures. We went to the Easter egg hunt in Riverton, and the actual egg gathering part lasted 2 minutes, tops. Also, all the kids were in different areas, and I had the camera, so that made it hard to get pictures of all the kids as well. Kaitlyn was there. For some reason she's always off doing other things, so she never gets in pictures. They had a firetruck there, which is what made the noise for the start of the egg hunt.

Kevin was very selective in his hunting. He'd pick something up and walk past a bunch of eggs and stuff until he saw something else he wanted. I had to go in there and tell him he couldn't do it that way. There were some kids with full baskets, and Kevin only got as much as he did because I told him to pick up whatever he saw.


  1. Ah, the easter egg hunts! Did we do big crazy insane things like that when we were kids?

  2. looks like you had a great easter. i love watching the kids collect eggs. they are always so excited.