Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kevin's Birthday Party

We had Kevin's birthday party last Sunday. There were a lot of people there, and I'm thinking we may have to make some changes in the way we do things in the future. 28 people in our living area is just a bit too much. Here's Kevin's cool cake:
Blowing out the candles . . .

Here's the pinata. We had originally thought we'd do most of the party outside, because we were silly, and thought the weather would have warmed up by now, not that there'd be snow that morning. Ethan loved wacking at the pinata.
Here's Kevin opening presents. I need to teach the boy some manners, though, because he just ripped into present after present, without so much as a thank you.

This was his present from Grandma Price. He plays with it every morning, and it's lovely to wake up to. "I am a Super Fighter. Now scanning. Enemy detected."


  1. Good thing we didn't come! We would've definitely burst the seams of your house then!

  2. Thats what you get when you have so many family members who love you

  3. I like the picture with Olivia picking her bum behind Kevin.

  4. I thought you might. That's why I picked that one.

  5. I wish we could have been there to add to the insanity. Looks like it was fun. If you were in St. George the weather would have been perfect.