Friday, April 11, 2008

Appreciation Dinner

Tonight Troy and I went to an appreciation dinner for the volunteers in the children's ministry at church. Troy doesn't volunteer, but I got to bring a guest, which was good, because then it was kind of like a date, except not completely. The food was really good, and I got a little lunch bag type thingy (I don't even know what to call it).

I'm on the check-in crew, which means I help people check their kids in, and I also help new visitors fill out the required paperwork and show them around. I love what I do. I've been thinking I want to volunteer in the nursery (babies) as well, or maybe the toddler age. We have such an awesome children's ministry program at our church, and it's amazing all the things these kids are learning.

This whole week, Kevin has been saying "we can pray to Jesus anywhere". He learned it in church last Sunday, and it stays with him all week. I love that! He even told me the story about Paul and Silas praying in prison. And when we're driving around in the car, I often hear him singing along with the songs. We listen to KLove (a Christian radio station). He's got such a sweet little spirit. My other kids do as well, but I think Kevin's just at the age where he soaks it all up like a sponge.


  1. I love the pink and brown!!! So sos so cute! I like it better than the other one! That's nice that you and Troy could go on a sort of date! I love going out with Brandon.

  2. Hola lady! So... the other day my friend asked how i knew you and so i told her turns out one of her friends (Tawnie) is married to your cousin (john) i think, What a small world. I guess Tawnie saw you on my blog which she linked to from my friends. Are you confused yet?

  3. I love your new layout. Thomas has been talking a lot about God lately too, it's pretty cute. I bet you will find the pictures, eventually. I know how that feels though. We lost all the pictures that we had taken when Thomas was born and a baby. I only have the pictures that I had sent to my work computer, but at least I have those.