Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Fairy Collection

Someone on paperbackswap said they'd like to see my fairy collection. So I figured I'd take pictures and post them here. The pictures aren't great, but it's gonna have to do for now.

This was the first fairy I ever got. My parents gave it to me, I don't remember how long ago, but it's been awhile. I've always loved popcorn, so it was perfect!
These three fairies I got at various times. The one on the left was given to me by my friend, Eileen. I can't remember if it was for a birthday or Christmas or what. The one on the right was the second fairy I ever got, from my mother-in-law for a birthday. The one in the middle I have no idea where I got or who gave it to me. I really wish I had a better memory, or that I would write these things down or something.
This is one set of the Guardians of the Glen faeries from Faerie Glen. I've gotten these from various places. Some I bought for myself, most of them Troy gave me for various gifts, and some from my mother-in-law.
This is the other set.
These fairies I bought while Troy and I were on a trip. We took a day tour to Ghent and Bruges, Belgium. I got these ones in Bruges.
I'm going to guess on this, because I can't remember between this and the next one where Troy got them. I'll ask if he remembers and update, if needed. I know how important it is to everyone for me to get it right. (Actually, it'd be nice to have it somewhere, because I will forget, obviously). This one Troy brought back for me from Toulouse, France. He took a lot of trips to Europe for work (when we were in CA), and this is one of the cooler things he brought back.
This one Troy brought back for me from Brussels, also a work trip.
These ones I bought for myself, when a Hallmark store that was near us in CA was going out of business. I really liked that store, because they had all kinds of fairies.
The end.


  1. Those are really pretty! What a fun thing to collect.

  2. I didn't even know you collected faries

  3. Wow, that's a lot of fairies! They're pretty. :-)

  4. Hmmm... I could've sworn that you collected fairies, Jason. ;)

    Very pretty, Brenda! I don't have that extensive of a collection of anything, except maybe dust.

  5. Jason likes fairies. He just likes to sound all manly, and stuff.