Friday, April 11, 2008


I'm feeling very sad. I can't find the pictures we had saved to disc from our old computer. This disc included pictures from my trip with Troy to Europe. I imagine they're in a box downstairs somewhere, but I feel like I've looked in every box. That's one of the problems you have when you use movers who pack your stuff for you. It doesn't help that I wasn't there when they packed it all up. It's a pretty big bummer for me if those pictures are lost.


  1. It always sucks when pictures get lost. I'm sorry I hope you find them soon! I keep thinking to myself that one day I need to load all my pics onto one of those sites like but for now they are stored on an external hard drive.

  2. Oh no! I hope you find them soon! On a lighter note, I like your new blog layout.

  3. Hi there. You have a really pretty blog. First time here, just saying hi. This post about a volunteer appreciation event speaks to me because each year our church does a church-wide one, which is a really big deal. I'm on the staff of the youth ministry (office, I mean) and we could not do what we do weekly without our volunteers. Just reading that you check kids in and out made me feel a little connected to you. Hope that doesn't sound too goofy. And now I see that I am on your blog roll, and I am blown away. thank you very much!