Monday, October 29, 2007

More Thanksgiving Point

Kevin riding a pony. He had a hard time deciding which one he wanted to ride. At first he said he wanted to ride the bigger one, that you can see in the background, but when we got over there, he changed his mind pretty quick.
Kaitlyn on an even bigger pony. I think this one might be called a horse. :)
Even Ethan gave it a try, although he didn't really like it at all. I guess he doesn't really see the point. He just wanted Troy to take him off.
Ooh, scary! Kevin loves these teeth. He wears them all the time, but the sad part is that he can't swallow while they're in, so there's a lot of wetness.
Kevin really, really wanted me to take a picture of them next to this sign. If it was that important to him, it must be important enough for me to put here.

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  1. we live really close to thanksgiving point. i wish it didn't cost as much as it does because it is a fun place to visit.

    -cousin leslie *