Sunday, June 1, 2008


How did it get to be June already?! The summer is here, and I don't really know what happened to spring. I think it skipped over us this year. For lunch today we went to meet with a PBS (paperbackswap) friend. They're doing a thing called Flat Robert, where the first person made a paperdoll type thing, and it'll get passed around to members all over the country, and they take pictures while they have it, so everyone can see what it's like where they live. So anyway, she had Flat Robert, and she was handing him off to me.

On the way there, we stopped at a car wash, because the van was horribly dirty. Here's how Ethan was sitting in the car during the car wash. Look at his little hands! He always holds them like that, and I think it's so precious!
Here we are at Mimi's Cafe with Carol Ann. She also brought along her daughter, Courtney. It was nice to meet them. And the food was good, too. I ordered a small salad, and they messed up and brought me the big one. It was enough to feed a whole family. I don't think I even ate half of it. And it came with a huge, yummy muffin, too.
So now I'm trying to think of some fun places to take Flat Robert to get pictures that show the beauty of Utah. And I've gotta do it this week, so I can send him on. Any ideas?


  1. Vernal has some VERY unusual places. We went to a place today called Fantasy Canyon. It looks make believe.

  2. Hmm..if you have to get some this week..

    You could go downtown and get some pictures there.

    You could go up one of the canyons and do a little hike.

    You could drive down to Thanksgiving Point.

    Oh, you could go up American Fork canyon and maybe even hike up Timpanogos Cave. Then you could drive through the Alpin Loop and go to Cascade Springs. Then down Provo canyon on the way out. It's all in that area.

    You could go to the Great Salt Lake.

  3. OMGoodness Bren...he is soooo handsome! I love the way he is holding his hands! AWWWW...