Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Proof that my boy can fall asleep anywhere.
And there are times I wish he'd have fallen asleep instead of what he did.

Not asleep yet, but give him a few minutes, and he would be.

I love this picture. It's just a perfect summer picture.

The kids have some weird sliding positions, but they have so much fun!

Looks like we needed to buy the one Troy saw an ad for that had three lanes instead of just two.

One more cute picture outside.

All bundled up

Cutest smile ever


  1. They have one with three lanes at Wallmart. Those pictures are so freaking cute, you have adorable kids Brenda.

  2. Ditto to what Felicia said. :-) And we have the perfect weather right now for them to water slide.

  3. Awe, but Mom that's the funnest part, putting pudding all over my face. Hee, Hee. I love the one of him in the shower, so funny.

  4. The slide looks like fun. I bet my girls would have fun on that...until they hurt themselves.

  5. LoL! I took pictures of Colton doing the same exact thing about a week ago! Not in the shower though! He is too busy climbing in and out to actually fall asleep in the shower! Too cute!

  6. Oh my gosh Ethan is SO cute!!!

    And why does your template always look awesome? Do you pay for it?