Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DJ's Birthday Party at Jungle Jim's

We went to Jungle Jim's for a birthday party for DJ (one of Trudy's boys). There will be a lot of pictures. You might want to get yourself something to eat, and maybe a pillow, so you can take a nap if you get tired. The pictures are also in reverse order, mostly, because I wasn't smart enough to upload the last pictures first, and then too lazy to delete and re-upload.
Here's Ethan on the swings. You can see here he's having a grand time.
Which then progressed to him getting rather sleepy. It was nearing his regular naptime.
And then you have the final ride of the day. Game over. He's done.
Kevin and Kierra on a jeep thing.
Kevin and DJ
Ethan and Jessica. I love Jessica's expression in this picture.
Kevin on the swings

Kaitlyn and Jessica on an airplane ride
Ethan and Kevin on that same airplane ride

Kevin on crappy bumper cars that didn't work well


Ethan alone on the airplane ride. It took him awhile to figure out how to raise and lower the airplane. He kept moving it up and down really fast, so he'd only go up about an inch at a time.


  1. Garrett LOVES Jungle Jim's. Sometime when we are both bored we should take the kids and Ethan and Garrett can play together.

  2. Okay so we really should then, since our great minds are thinking alike. We could even meet at a park or you could bring Ethan (and the others) over to play in the kiddie pool (I'm sure your daughter would be wildly excited about a kiddie pool *insert sarcasm here). Email me at tandlbassham at hotmail.

  3. That looks like so much fun, I need to take allston there! Or do you think he might still be too young?