Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thingamabobber for Troy's work

Today we went to a thing at the fairgrounds for Troy's work. They had rides, a lunch, and a show. We had a good time, and the weather was nice and warm (hot!). Here are the kids on a swing ride. The first time Ethan went around, he was saying "wee" the whole time, but after that he had a bored look on his face. He must have liked it, though, since he screamed when we took him out.
This picture was of the first time around.
Kevin was really getting into it, and swinging his legs like a crazy person. At least he was having fun. If you click on the picture and enlarge it, you can see Ethan in the background, about to fall asleep.
Kaitlyn may have been too big for the ride. In fact, I think all the rides were aimed at a little bit younger than her age, but she was a good sport and had fun anyway.
They had a show with Polynesian dancers. We sat on the grass and watched, and it was neat, but I think Ethan was tired and hot, and not at all interested.
Ethan put all these around his neck, and I scrambled to try to get the camera, and barely got a picture before he took them all off again.
Troy and Ethan.
Me and Kaitlyn
Here's Kevin. They had a face painting booth, and there was a place where the parents could paint their own kid's face, if they didn't want to wait in line. So I painted a basketball on Kevin's cheek. And then I decided I should not get a job as a professional face painter.

Here's Kaitlyn and Kevin, getting ready to go on the spinning ride.
And here they are spinning. They were going really fast, and Kevin couldn't even sit up. And then he looked like he just might puke, so we had to yell for Kaitlyn to stop spinning.
Troy and the kids riding on a little train.


  1. Looks like tons of fun! My kids would've loved that junk. Ethan looks so much older!

  2. That looks like fun for the kids. I don't know if I'd like being out in the sun that much.