Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wonderful Saturday

We spent the day with John and Susan today, and had so much fun. It's just sad that they couldn't be here for longer. We had to pack all the visiting and sight-seeing into one day, and I'm sure by the end they had had enough of noisy kids. :D

We drove up to Park City, and walked along Historic Main Street for a little bit. This is the first picture we've had taken of our whole family together for a long time. It might even be the only non-professional picture we have. We went to a show at the Olympic Park, and Ethan wasn't really enjoying it. It was really hot out there, so that could have been a contributing factor. This was the only thing that kept him happy . . . sipping soda through a straw.
Here's me and Susan. I really wish it wasn't taken at such an unflattering angle. I'm pretty sure I don't have a double chin, and if I do, I'd really rather pretend I don't. On a completely unrelated note, I get my braces off in a couple of weeks. Wooooo!
We went into the museum, and the kids got to sit in a bobsled.
Here's a big giant head of a somethingorother. Ethan was asleep by this time, just in case anyone has the idea that we thought a picture of Ethan's behind might be our best option.
Here's a video of the Flying Ace show that we saw. We didn't even know they had it, and just stumbled on it when we were looking for things to do in Park City. John and Susan had said they wanted to go see where the Olympics were. It was a fun thing to do, if a bit expensive.

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  1. Love the family picture! And kuddos for getting your braces off soon! That is the best!