Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pictures at the park

Christy and Sunny came over the other day, and after eating pizza, we went over to the park to play. It was a nice day, but because there was t-ball going on, it was way too crowded.

Here's Christy with Ethan. Ethan is kind of a snobby baby, and will only go to a few people, and Christy is one of them.
With everything that Ethan could have been doing, he was really interested in pushing the stroller. That's all he did for awhile.

I know you can't see faces very well in this picture, but I kind of liked the sky and the clouds. This is Sunny and Kaitlyn.

Once Ethan realized there were other things to do besides play with the stroller, he fell in love with the slide. He would run all the way around the equipment (even though there was a shorter way), climb up, and then go down the slide.
Here's Kevin splashing around. It was really bright outside! I keep putting sunscreen on Kevin, but he keeps getting sunburned, every time, but just on his back. And he complains of it itching more than hurting, even though it gets really red. I just don't know what to do anymore, except have him wear a shirt every time he's outside, which he really doesn't want to do. But the other option is having him get up multiple times during the night because his back is bothering him.
This is the pond that is by the park, but it's not really a pond, as you can see. It's more of a swampy, muddy area. The kids decided they wanted to go explore around it (it was Christy's idea--I probably would have never let them). It turns out it's only about 6 inches deep in the deepest spot, even though it looks a lot deeper from the road.


  1. I'll have more to say when I'm not so stinkin' tired, but I wanted to tell you that I got awesome swim shirts for my boys at Old Navy last year. They love them, and it really helps with the sunburn thing.

  2. Allston loves to push his stroller around too. What park were you guys at it look so fun.