Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some Pictures

Troy's cousin, Chantel, sent me some pictures today. I have no idea when these were taken, because I can't remember. I have a very bad short and long term memory. I do remember it was cold outside, so that might indicate winter. Or fall. Possibly spring sometime. Maybe Chantel will read this and have pity on me.

*Editing to add: It's not winter, you fool! Look at the t-shirts and shorts and the lack of snow! They're going to cart me away to a place for the mentally ill soon. Help me!

Here's Ethan and Grandpa Price in matching hats. Me and my Kaitlyn.
Kisses for Grandma. Juicy, juicy kisses.
Here's Kevin and Drake playing in a car.

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  1. I just barely got my internet hooked up today at the new house and read your blog. Those pictures were from Letty's 3rd Birthday Party and so it was May. I think we celebrated her birthday early that year, so it was probably mid-May, but her birthday is May 21st. It wasn't cold, but it got a teensy bit chilly when the sun went down. But then again, I was 7 months pregnant at the time.