Saturday, August 9, 2008

Monster Bus

We were over at Jordan Landing, buying me an mp3 player, and we saw this really cool monster bus in one of the store parking lots. They were offering rides inside for $5 a person. At first that seemed a little bit much, but it was for March of Dimes, so we figured why not? We kind of thought the bus would just go around in a big circle in the roped off area of the parking lot.

Boy, were we wrong. When the driver told us to buckle up and hold onto the railing in front of us, we thought he was going a bit overboard, but then we soon found out why. It was like a roller coaster ride. Troy and I were sure that the bus was going to roll, but I guess those big tires aren't just for looks. It was so much fun, although I was afraid that I was going to re-visit my dinner. Luckily the ride ended before that happened.


  1. So what kind of mp3 player did you get?

  2. Holy bus! Looks fun. Love the cheese pics.
    Oh and I love Altheta. For some reason I get their catalog in the mail and I am always tempted to buy a swimsuit. I always have to wear shorts. I like the greenish one. I will be way jealous if you get it!

  3. Fun! I'm glad you decided to just go, despite the cost. It sounds like a once in a lifetime experience.

  4. Wow! My kiddo's would love a ride in that bus. How cool and very worth it.

    By the way, I noticed you visited my blog and I came here to read ... your kiddo's are beautiful and it seems your life is too. How lucky is that??!!

    It's good to meet you.