Sunday, August 24, 2008

Price Family Reunion

We drove out to Middleofnowhere, Utah for a Price family reunion. It was nice to see . . . lots of people I've never seen before in my life, along with Troy's parents and siblings.

They had a bouncing thing there, and Ethan tried going in there, but there were so many crazy bigger kids that it was nearly impossible for the little kids to bounce in it. If I were in charge, things would have run differently there.Escape! Someone signed Troy up to sing karaoke, and I went up there for moral support (otherwise he wouldn't have gone). Unfortunately, it was a song he had never heard, which makes it very hard to sing---I don't care if the words are on the screen, if you don't know the tune, you still can't sing. Here's Trudy and Kaitlyn singing Before He Cheats, which Kaitlyn has a lot of life experience with, therefore she was really able to sing the words and mean it.

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