Thursday, July 3, 2008

I will never catch up

The "flower garden" in front of our house is absolutely filled with weeds and grass (that has grown up into it). I'm not a gardener, by any means, so this has been like a small bit of torture for me. I go out and weed parts of it, and then before I can even think about getting other parts finished, the weeds have grown back into parts that I've already done.

I thought one day, while I was out in the torture chamber, that I'd make a goal to garden every day for at least a half hour, and get it done. But then I realized I really don't hate myself that much. I just don't know what to do. If it was just maintenance, that would be one thing, but we're at the point where we just need to get to a place where it looks decent.

The thing is, our lawn is the worst on our street, and among the worst in our neighborhood. Not the lawn as a whole, just the part up by the house. I'm embarrassed. We need something that is low maintenance, because neither of us are the type of people that are going to spend a lot of time making our yard look pretty. I really wish that we had the opportunity to do everything from the start, because the people who had our house before us were not looking into what would look good long term, at all.


  1. Maybe you could kill everything that is in there, lay down plastic, to inhibit weeds, then cover it with bark. Put a rock border around it, or something, to hold the bark nicely in place. Then each year, get a few pots and put some brightly colored flowers in the pots and set them on top of the bark. Looks neat, not messy, and not a lot of fuss. And, if something doesn't work one year in the pots, try something else the next year.

  2. My mom took out all of her flowers and put down some really pretty brick. Or you could hire a gardener

  3. Bren, they sell weed killer that DOESN'T kill your flowers too. At Home Depot or Lowe's. A friend of ours used it and it works great. You just spray it on. I also like Mindy's suggestion. That is what we plan on doing once we get around to it! Although we are going to cut slits in the plastic or black ground cover to plant flowers in...then put the bark over that!

    I am a lot like you. I tried to weed a bit about 2 months ago and got a really NICE sunburn! I have NO green thumb and evidently can't even remember that the sun can burn! Boy, was I lookin' pretty!

  4. Oh, wow. You could past my picture at the top of your post because that's how i feel about our lawn exactly. when my kids were little like yours, we used to say, "we'll place more emphasis and time on things like the lawn. Right now, the kids come first." Noble sentiment, but totally false! They are 21, 19 and 15 now, and I JUST put out some pitiful flowers in little bed July 1st. Sorry for the long comment!

  5. That's exactly why I live in a townhouse. I really like how a nice yard looks, but I know for durn sure I would never have one.