Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our camping trip

We had so much fun on our trip. It was a nice time together as a family, and it went by way too fast. I've got a lot of pictures here, but I have a lot more that I took that I could have put on, so consider yourself lucky, dear reader.

This first picture was the first stop we took, before we got to our campground. We thought we'd stretch our legs a little bit, and Ethan was really fussy. So we stopped at the Twin Falls visitor center, and this was the scenery there. It was so beautiful!This is the dock that was right by our campground. I loved this picture.
Here are the boys wrestling. Or maybe taking a break from wrestling.
This was the view of Thousand Springs from our campground. It used to be that the whole mountain was covered with springs coming down, but they have taken a whole lot of it to use for energy in the surrounding areas. I understand the need, but I sure wish they would have left it. I bet it was beautiful.
Some more scenery from our campground.
We took a boat tour one day. It was neat to be able to go along the river and see so many pretty sites. Here's Ethan, who mostly liked to run around and try to get in the drivers seat when he got out. The place you can see in the front of the boat was called Blue Heart Spring (I think). It was really blue when you looked down, because there was fresh springwater coming up. It keeps the water at about 54 degrees, so you wouldn't want to jump in.
Here's a picture from the view on our boat tour.
This was a view of our campground from the boat, which we drove right past.

One of the days we went to Shoshone Falls. It was absolutely breathtaking, as you can see. I'm so glad we made time to go see it.
The next day we took our kids to a lake, that I can't remember the name of. It was right up by Shoshone Falls. There was a little fenced off area where the kids could play that didn't get more than maybe 3 feet deep. It was nice, and the kids had fun playing in the sand.
And in the water.
And then they were completely worn out, which is never a bad thing.
The last night of our trip. It was a good time.


  1. I LOVE the picture of them sleeping in the car it is so amazing!

  2. Looks like fun. We need to get out and do more stuff like that. I like the sleeping picture too. Funny.

  3. Looks like an amazing place! So beautiful. And I love the last picture with your kids facing the water. So darn cute!

  4. What amazing views! That looks like a great place to go camping!

  5. Beautiful place, and cute pictures of the kids! I want to go camping right now!

  6. Isn't Thousand Springs the best place. I love it there. We actually swam in the Blue Heart Spring and it was very cold. We made my dad swim down the sand to prove that the sand was actually brown and not blue. The boat tour looks fun, we've never done that.