Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Becoming Jane

**WARNING--If you have never seen this movie, or don't know much about Jane Austen's life, but are planning to see this movie, and don't want anything given away, skip this blog post**

I really loved this movie. The acting was excellent, it was very well cast, and the story was engaging. I really like Anne Hathaway, and thought she made a great Jane Austen. The two main characters had awesome on screen chemistry. When they looked at each other, you just knew they were in love. It was also interesting to recognize little bits and pieces of different Jane Austen novels thrown into the movie. It was so well done, but I don't know if I ever want to watch it again.

Why, you might ask? Because it was incredibly depressing. Yes, I knew that Jane Austen never married. So I knew that some point, things were gonna get sad. But for some silly reason I was hoping for it all to work out. For the love story to have a happy ending. And, failing that, I didn't really expect that I would care about the characters so much. I really, really wanted things to work out between Jane and Tom Lefroy. It was one of those bawling movies for me.

It did all end okay. Jane obviously went on to become a great writer, as she had hoped, but it was just a bit of a melancholy ending. If the impossible could have happened, and she could have ended up happily ever after, this is a movie that I would buy and watch quite often.


  1. I can't wait to see this movie! Did Troy go with you?

  2. No, it just came out on DVD yesterday.

  3. Hey, I got your web page through the grapevine. ;) So... I didn't really like this movie. It was WAY too Hollywood for me, and I actually thought it was kind of an insult to Jane, mainly because she never "ran away" with Mr. Lefroy, and I don't think it was in her character to do so. She would never shame her family like that (that was like the worst thing a girl could do back then). I was extremely disappointed with it, and the fact is that she had one summer with Mr. Lefroy and they never saw each other again. Also, the other character which she was supposedly engaged to was totally made up.. They made it seem like Jane was this big catch in her day, when really, she only was in love once, and only ever had one proposal of marriage in her whole life. Blah, so that's my book on why I didn't like the movie. hehehe