Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Girls Night

Last night we had a Howell family girls night out, and even though we weren't like these totally awesome boogiers, we had a lot of fun. It would be nicer if Mindy lived closer, so everybody could be there, but some people think Vernal's just too cool to leave, I guess.

We went to see Leap Year, since that seemed to be the only movie that nobody said they really didn't want to see. We all had different opinions about it, ranging from loving it to not liking it. I thought it was just okay--very typical predictable chick-flick.

Then we went to Red Robin for dinner, and their smoothie blender was broken (yes, they only have one) which disappointed Mom and Felicia quite a bit. Felicia had to settle for just a coke with two lemons. The service was definitely not great, but the company was excellent, and I think we all had a good time.

There were times when some people almost got kicked out of the family (Felicia doesn't like Lord of the Rings, which should be punishable by death, if not at least banishment), there was lukewarm soup, there were also really loud laughers in the movie, which is one of the things I hate about going to theaters, but mostly there was lots of fun and good times.

Editing to add: And lo, Dallas was there, and she has very quiet sneezes that make me laugh, and she is much loved. :)


  1. So who loved and who not liked? I wish I could've seen it with you guys. :( I can't believe you all went without me when I'm the one who really wants to see that movie. ;)

    I'm also wondering if Dallas was there, since her name never got mentioned... ;)

  2. Of course she was there. That's why I said Howell family girls, but Mindy wasn't there. Dallas was sitting next to me at the movie, and next to me at dinner. But she didn't want a smoothie, and therefore wasn't disappointed about not getting one, and she likes Lord of the Rings.

    Mom loved the movie, Felicia liked it, I thought it was okay, Dallas didn't like it.

  3. There, I edited it just for you. And anyone else who might think when I say Howell family girls, I'm not including Dallas. :)

  4. I'm just not important enough to add in the main section of the post, I guess. :( Yeah, I didn't care for the movie too much. It had some cute parts.

  5. Hey, I added you in. I wouldn't have added myself in, except for I wrote the post. Do you want me to threaten to kick you out of the family too? I just might, since you're not interested in House of Flying Daggers. You're on my list now, too!

  6. Sounds fun to me. I want to see that show, but we never to the theatre.