Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ethan Funnies

Here's a few funny things Ethan has said. I didn't want to forget them.

The first was when we were eating dinner, and he wanted more of something. I told him to ask me nicely, and he said, "Nicely."
Along the same line, Kevin was making him mad in the car today. Ethan was telling me he didn't want Kevin to talk to him, so I said ask him not to, and he turned to Kevin and said, "Not to."

Kevin was copying him the other day, and Ethan really doesn't like to be copied. He kept saying, "You not E-bear (that's his nickname), I E-bear. I not Kevin. I E-bear."

On Christmas morning, Kevin opened a Bakugan toy, and Ethan said, "Sorry, you have to share that."