Tuesday, March 4, 2008


We have Netflix, and they have a "watch instantly" feature, where you can watch some movies right on your computer. So I've been watching the first season of Heroes. It seems like I always come into shows late, and never watch them while they're on. It's really interesting, although I'm not sure if I like how every single week is to be continued. In a way, it's nice because it's long one really, really long movie. But then sometimes I like TV shows that you can catch here and there and not be lost.

Anyway, I've spent a lot of time watching it, because I want to finish season 1 before I cancel Netflix (which will be tomorrow, I think). We are not very happy with Netflix. Overall, it's cheaper to get movies from the library (if we can avoid late fees), and then sometimes Redbox.


  1. I didn't like Netflix for the short trial I had it... I didn't feel like it was worth it at all. I love getting movies from the library! Our library has a better selection than any of the video stores around here. (Unless you want a new release... then chances are they're gone at the video store anyway.)

  2. i like the show heroes. i am waiting patiently for it to come back on. hopefully soon.

  3. Lost is another one of those shows, but it is such a great show. If you haven't been watching it, it is totally worth it to watch the previous seasons. Dan and I have always liked it, but the more we learn about the island we are loving that show.