Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Here's my boys, happy for the moment. They like to play on the computer chair, or anything that's not theirs, for that matter. Toys? Not so much.

Further example . . . See the Burt's Bees hand cream? That's not a toy. In Ethan's opinion, the bathroom drawers are his toyboxes.

Kevin is my hugger. Except he needs to stop growing, cause it gets harder and harder to cuddle the bigger they get.

This was a fun day. I think with Troy being gone so much, the kids are really feeling it. We've had some hard days.

This was taken the same time as the above picture.

Ethan didn't want his pajamas on. Even though if I walked around in my underwear, I think I'd freeze. Apparently, he's got enough fat on reserve (as if I don't).


  1. Cute pictures (except the crying ones... those are sad 'cause I don't like to see kids sad).

  2. Ethan listens like my kids do! ;) Those pictures are so cute! I love the smiles in the first one. I'm sorry for the hard days. :( And, Kevin's still little enough to cuddle! Wait until he's almost as big as you are! I still make Cooper cuddle with me.

  3. Those pictures are so cute. I wish I were closer to be able to get to know them. I was just thinking the same thing about cuddling, because Letty is now so big. She still likes to cuddle, it's just harder now, especially with a little baby.

  4. They are sooo adorable Bren! So cute and cuddly still!

  5. I like the pictures. That is my favorite thing about the blogs we don't just get to hear about what everybody is up to, we get to see it.