Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Blog

Someone keeps making me make more and more blogs, and I can't say no to them. Okay, it's just me, but I can be very persuasive. It's a book/reading blog. I had one before, and then I decided I'd just merge all my blogs into one, and that's just not working. I never put book reviews on this blog, because I don't want to. I read a lot, and I don't want this one to become filled with book stuff. Even though I really like books.

So, if you're ever bored, and are looking for book recommendations or whatever---okay, not whatever, you're not going to find, say, sushi recipes, if that's what you're looking for---come check it out. I'll also have a link on the side with the links to my other 2,000 blogs.

Oh yeah, here's the link:

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