Monday, May 12, 2008

Kaitlyn's Play

Kaitlyn has been in Up With Kids all year, and last Saturday they had their performance. She has been working really hard all year, and she did really good! Thank you to Mom and Dad, Scott and Robin, and Steven and Chanell for coming to see her. I'm sure it made her feel good!

It seems like almost every picture we took was either dark, or blurry. If we had it on the regular setting, the flash only helped for about 5 feet in front of us (obviously, as that's what it's designed for), and the stage was dark. If we tried other settings, they were blurry. Our camera probably isn't the best.

Here's Kaitlyn in her drummer costume. She is the third from the right. Her skirt was way too big for her, and you could see her trying to hold it up most of the time.

Here she is in her damsel costume. She said she really liked this dress, and I'm sure she'd love to take it home and wear it all the time. She's in the orange dress, right in the middle of that group of girls.

Here's her angelfish costume. She's in the purple one. They were dancing here.

And here's her pirate costume. She's in the blue, in the middle. She played the part of Catwoman. I don't know exactly where Catwoman fits into the story, but I guess they had to give every pirate a name.

Here she is dancing. They had a cute little dance they did, and although Kaitlyn tries her hardest, she was always about a half step behind all the rest of them.

Here are a couple of videos of her speaking parts.


  1. That looks like it was neat. We wish we could have gone. Stinkin' work. If I would have had time I would have tried to get the day off. Anyway, tell her it looks like she did really good.

  2. I know you guys would have been there if you could! Sorry you had to work.

  3. Oh man kaitlyn did great! I wish we could have come but I was working too. I am so glad you got some video so we could see her.