Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Adventures: Snow Hiking

Since the weather was so nice yesterday (low 80's), we decided to head up into the mountains for a hike. It was a blast! This whole "level up your life" thing has given me a new perspective. I've started to see life as an adventure, and this hike was definitely adventurous. The first part of our hike was a paved road and nothing special. But once we got to the trailhead of our real hike, that's where the fun started. There was snow, and lots of it. It was mostly packed, but every once in awhile, your foot would sink in. It was up to the knee for us taller people, and just about the whole leg for my boys.

Troy wanted to turn back cause a snow hike didn't sound very fun to him, but I wanted to go on, and I'm the boss. So we continued up, and it was fantastic. Between the slips and faceplants my boys were doing and the sliding down a snow-packed mountain on our butts (not on purpose), a good time was had by all. Kaitlyn and I hiked all the way to the top for a closer view of the waterfall, and it was beautiful. I'd love to go back in the summer to see what it's like without the snow.