Friday, April 20, 2012

Nerd Fitness!

So, you guys have heard me talk about BodyRock, and how much I love it and how great it is.  Well, it's come to a point where I can't support it anymore.  I have always had to ignore the sexualized nature of the site, and just focus on the workouts.  And the workouts were mostly good.  But I definitely had reservations about their workout schedule.  Working out the same muscle groups day after day, without allowing for rest or rebuilding, isn't a good idea for anyone.

I hated that I couldn't recommend the site to just anyone.  Lots of people would be offended by the pictures, and with good reason.  But it has gotten worse.  I'm not going to post pictures or go into any detail.  If you're really curious, feel free to go to the BodyRock website and see for yourself. 

So what to do, then?  I wanted to find a fitness website or program that I could embrace without reservation.  Where I don't have to ignore half of the website to get to the good parts.  One I'm not afraid to tell my loved ones about.  And guess what?  I found it!  And I love it! 

I have just begun to explore it, but there are so many great posts I've read.  Here are just a few:
How to Level Up in the Game of Life
Beginner's Guide to the Paleo Diet
Why People Suck at Getting Healthy
How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

I have seriously spent hours reading around that website, and I have loved everything I've read.  There has been no aspect that I've hated, but was willing to look past for the good stuff.  It's all good stuff. And there's a great community too with message boards and super supportive people.  So anyway, this is my find for the year so far, and my only regret is not finding it sooner.  Check it out!  Especially if you're a nerd/geek like me!

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