Thursday, February 3, 2011


I haven't blogged since Thanksgiving. Could be because we haven't done anything since Thanksgiving. Except for a wonderful Christmas, that's mostly true. We all just keep plugging along, and here it is February already, and I'm so ready for summer. Cold weather is not good. I'm pretty sure it makes puppies cry.

So I think I'm going to try to blog more. Or at least, I'm going to blog more today than I have so far this year. That's a good goal, and one I think I can accomplish. In the past I've made about 20 bazillion different blogs about different things, but (besides my book review blog) I think I'm going to just move it all here. It's not that I'm spending time blogging anywhere else (besides my book review blog), but I might as well fail at blogging in just one place.

So, health and fitness-wise, I'm doing okay. I've been exercising, and while I don't always love it, I do like that I'm getting stronger. My biggest problem was that my body changed in some ways, but my midsection is not changing at all. And I'm starting to realize that no, I can't eat whatever I want and hope that the exercise will take care of it. Because it won't. After half a year or so, it hasn't worked. So I decided I've really got to make some eating changes and stick to it. Since my sister-in-law had quite a bit of success with Weight Watchers, I decided to give it a try. I started on Monday, so I can't really say whether or not it's working yet, so we'll see. In a way, keeping track of everything I eat has been good for me. In another way, it's a pain in the behind.

What else have I blogged about on other blogs? I don't think I've bored anyone quite to death yet, and since that's my goal, I've got to keep going until at least one person dies. Movies! We haven't actually watched a whole lot of movies lately. Mostly we've been making our way through Stargate Atlantis (which ties Friends as my all time favorite TV show) on DVD. We finished the series not long ago, and I was sad. I wish it was still going. I watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which might be one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen. It was definitely interesting, but not one I'd watch more than once. I'm sure I've seen a few others here and there, but I can't think of any. Right now we're mostly watching season two of Dollhouse, another show that got canceled too early.

So . . . there's got to be something else I can say---wait, I think I just saw someone drop dead. Either that, or they're just faking it so I'll stop. Either way, I'm done.


  1. I keep eating ice cream. It doesn't help.

  2. I still eat whatever I want and stay skinny, I can brag about it because right now its the only part of my life that doesn't suck. I'm glad you are going to blog more I like reading your blog posts, even boring ones.

  3. I admire how dedicated you have been with your workout! I wish I could find the motivation to do the same thing but really I just do not like any type of exercise! It's just too good for you! :) So I eat bad and don't exercise, I can see where that is heading! Keep up the good work and if you have any motivational tips I'm all ears. Good luck with Weight Watchers! I here it is good!

    On T.V. shows, have you seen Modern Family? That one is funny! And on shows that were canceled too early, Better of Ted is one of those!

    Any way, I'm glad to see you blogging again! Love you!