Sunday, June 20, 2010

I've been too nice

Felicia and I took our kids to the Classic Fun Center in Layton. I feel like I've been too nice to my kids lately. They've been doing too many fun things, and I don't want them to get unrealistic expectations about me being a fun mom. ;)

But look how happy it made them:

I'm not sure if happy is the right word here. Scared, maybe?

It looks like Kevin is just laying there, but he's actually sliding down the slide.
I read the rules later, and you were only supposed to go down the slide one at a time, but it's much more fun as a group!

On one slide, Ethan kept going down, and then faceplanting it at the end. I did catch it on video, but it's sideways, so just rest your head on your shoulder and enjoy.


  1. Just don't let my kids know you've been so nice... I'll never live up to it.

  2. what a fun day!!!!you can never have too much fun!