Monday, November 16, 2009

A Sad Boy

Last Friday, when Mom and Dad were here visiting, Ethan decided he was going to be really ornery.  We've been trying to potty train him (which is not going well at all), and I can't really remember exactly what he wanted, except that he was crying non-stop.

Finally he sobbed, "I can't take this anymore!"  How can you not laugh at feel bad for the poor boy after that?  He really is my ornery boy, but he sure is cute.

Jason took the picture in this post, by the way.  He's a great photographer!


  1. You've been playing with your blog layout again! Cute. :) I love that picture of Ethan... Jason is a great photographer! Did he take more of your family? I'd love to see them! And yes I'm laughing... I mean, feeling bad for Ethan. He definitely is cute!

  2. He took a bunch of pictures. He hasn't given me a CD yet, though. He took all the ones in my new header, and I got those off his facebook page, but when I get some more I'll post them here.