Monday, August 10, 2009

Night in Park City

For our anniversary, Troy and I went and stayed at a bed and breakfast in Park City last Friday night. Mom and Dad were nice enough to watch our kids, so we could have some time to ourselves. We stayed at the Woodside Inn. There were some nice things about it, but we wouldn't stay there again because the bed was hard and uncomfortable. Our bed at home is ten times nicer.

On Friday night we did a lot of walking along historic Main Street. We stopped in a few shops waiting until the restaurants opened for dinner because we were both starving. Finally it was eating time, and we went to The Eating Establishment. We had gotten a coupon at the B&B for a 2 for 1 entree. On the coupon, it also said they would add a 17% gratuity to the bill. Well, the food was good and we were stuffed, but we got our bill and the waiter had added about 30% gratuity. We really didn't want to pay that much, but it feels petty to call the waiter over to tell him we didn't want to give him that big of a tip. If he had made a mistake on the other portion of the bill, it wouldn't have been a big deal. So we didn't say anything.

The rest of the night was spent walking around Main Street, and walking back and forth to our bed and breakfast. There were some really cute houses on the walk. There was one that was purple that I really loved. I don't know if I personally would like a purple house, but this one sure was cute.

On Saturday we went to the outlet mall. We thought we'd spend maybe an hour, and then have time to do something else before we had to pick up the kids. That didn't happen. We ended up spending about four hours there, and shopped right through lunchtime. We both got a new wallet, new watches, and a few clothes. I'm not used to wearing a watch, so it felt a little weird at first, but I found one that was cute enough that it made up for the weirdness.

It was a fun couple of days, and I love spending time with my honey. I wish it would have been longer, only with a softer bed.


  1. So fun! I am jealous of the time you got to spend at the outlets and the watches you bought! I would love to see a pic. I am a little obsessed with watches.

    Happy Anniversary and I am glad you got a little break from real life!

  2. What a fun anniversary trip! (Except for the hard bed...) That 30% tip thing is a little weird... I wonder how many people call the waiter on it.

  3. That's pretty rude of the waiter to add 30%. I might be bugged enough by that to say something. Sounds like a fun little trip though.