Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kaitlyn . . . always so happy

Kaitlyn was having a hard time making snowballs in the powdery snow, and it made her feel delightful. She was turned away from me, so I was calling her name over and over, so I could take a picture when she finally looked. This is what I got:
And then I said, next time you need to turn with a cuter expression on your face, and then you won't look so ornery. So I got this:

And then she was still trying to be grumpy, but it wasn't fooling anyone, and she couldn't keep it up. And finally she started to laugh . . .

And then I got hungry.


  1. Those are all very nice pictures of Kaitlyn, and your tongue.

  2. How fun! And Kaitlyn looks so much like you!

  3. So funny. You guys really need to live here. When we get snow it is always so wet that it's perfect for snowballs and snowmen. Then it melts the next day and it's sunny. Perfect.

  4. That face Kaitlyn is pulling looks just like you when you pull that face!