Thursday, October 30, 2008

5for50--Will you join me?

Last night, as I finished Red Letters by Tom Davis, with a lump in my throat and tears filling my eyes, I made a commitment. I can no longer look the other way, and pretend that there are not millions of people around the world crying out for help. I can no longer sit in my comfortable house, with everything I need, and say there is nothing I can do to help.

Am I really a Christ-follower? Am I doing what He did? Click here to read Matthew 25:31-46 (go ahead, I'll wait). Jesus really says it all in those verses, doesn't he? I want to make sure I'm a sheep, and not a goat!

To dig deeper into this issue, I really encourage you, my blog readers, to pick up Red Letters. This book really set my heart on fire. I have always wanted to help others, from the time I was a young teen and wanted to be a social worker, to my high school years when I sponsored a child. But most of the time, I suffer from apathy. I try not to think about the ridiculous gap between those who have, and those who have not. It's easier that way. But easy is not what God asks of me. He never said, "make sure you relax, and just do what's best for you".

So we come to 5for50. The plan is simple, but it can change lives (yours included). Here's what you do:

1. Give 5 minutes a day to pray for those suffering from HIV/AIDS.
2. Give 5 hours a week to fast for those suffering from HIV/AIDS.
3. Give 5 dollars a month to the Five for 50 Fund and support worthy causes.
4. Give 5 days a year to travel overseas and help alleviate poverty and suffering.
5. Give 5 people an opportunity to join you on your journey.

All you have to do is start with number 1. That's not hard at all, and once you've got that down, move on. My family and I are already doing number 3. We sponsor a beautiful little girl through World Vision. She lives in an area in Kenya, where HIV/AIDS is prevalent. We have been so blessed to be able to help her, but I know we can do more.

Will you join me with this 5for50? I often wonder why God allows suffering. Why does he let precious, innocent children that He loves be born into lives of hunger, pain, and sadness? I believe it's so that those of us who belong to Him can love. So that we can learn compassion. So that we can be Jesus to them, and they can be Jesus to us. All you have to do is start with 5 minutes of prayer a day. Imagine if it was your child, or someone you love who was orphaned, widowed, or suffering from HIV/AIDS. And then remember Jesus told us to love everyone, and realize it IS someone you love.

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  1. I need to be a better person and help more like you! You are inspiring! And I can definitely do number one.

    Oh and I love my shirt too! When I found it I thought "Nice. I can wear it for Halloween AND on a normal day!"