Thursday, September 11, 2008

Calming. . . Down

Looky here. I am very calm and collected. Not stressed or frazzled one bit. That's because I've decided not to let things worry me. So, I downloaded a couple thousand songs off the internet. Who hasn't? WHO HASN'T? (Sorry, we've watched Transformers a few too many times recently) I don't think I'm getting enough sleep lately. My brain isn't focusing like it should. Like when I went to help set up for MOPS this morning. I walked right on by the cart, and went to the closet to get that same cart out. I also put away a toy tote that was sitting outside a classroom, then went back to that classroom and asked where their tote was.
But like I said, I am calm and not stressed out. I might be losing brain cells by the minute, but I probably had too many to begin with anyway.


  1. I completely agree...we women ALWAYS start out with extra brain cells...losing them is inevitable. It's okay though..that's why they were extra! LOL!

  2. I has a few brain cells left. I don't think I got extra though.

  3. You are such a crack up! I love reading your blog. I always walk away having my day brightened. And as for this post I find it comforting to know that i am not the only person who does that kind of stuff!

  4. I came over from 2nd cup...I saw your comment about punching yourself in the face over musicals and it totally cracked me up!

    Great blog!